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  1. LiminalWP
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I currently have my permalink options set for a custom URI of /%postname%/. This works very well for my posts. However, the URIs for my child pages also include the postname of the parent page. I understand from moshu that this is by design. I would like to tweak the WP code to change this behavior.

    For example, my current permalink for a child page is this:


    Instead, I would like it to be like this:


    I would like to do this both so that the url is easier to remember and type and also so that I may re-arrange my parent/child pages without changing the permalink (in this case, they aren't very "perma").

    I can hack PHP reasonably well, but I haven't been able to track down where in the WP code that the permalink for child pages is generated. Does anyone know where I should look to start tinkering? I'm also open if anyone knows exactly what change I should make. :)


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