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  • Hi,

    I am building my first WordPress site and have come up with a slight problem.

    Basically I am using parent/child links for the menus and I have managed to get a plugin which blocks the link to the parent pages (which are blank and theoretically not needed).

    Within the breadcrumbs there is a link to these parent pages and I would like to disable it as the pages are blank and thus lead the user to a useless page.

    If anyone can help I would be very grateful.

    I am using the Colorway theme. My site is currently only on a local machine and thus I cannot send you a link to it.



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  • Are you just using the parent/child setup to get your menus set up the way you wish?

    If so, most themes now support custom menus

    If yours is one of them, you can hit up appearance -> menus from your admin and make a custom menu. Set up exactly as you wish

    To make an unlinked tab, you would drag a custom URL menu item and use # as the url

    The menus are fine for what I need but its the breadcrumbs that are causing me an issue.

    I really like having the breadcrumbs and do not want to remove them but I don’t want to allow people to get to pages that I have not made/do not have an intention of making.

    i.e. I only want to show people where there are so out of the following breadcrumb I would only like them to be able go home (or nowhere if thats the easier option) but still show them where they are.



    Hi, I have been using WordPress for some time, and this has always been an issue for me…

    By creating custom for parent pages with a “#” wokr well to disable the link in the menu.

    Breadcrumb result will be: Home => Child Page
    The problem is that Child Page is a child of a parent page and not of home, even though the parent page is empty.

    In your breadscrumbs you still want to show where the person are, and thats why I create the empty parent pages ( with the same name as the custom links )

    This at least helps that you have a breadcrumb like:
    Home => Parent Page => Child Page.

    This is what i want, but now I need to make sure people can not click on the Parent Page in the breadcrumbs.

    Looking forward to what i hope is a smple solution – it seems too obvious that more people need this.


    Oh my god, yes PLEASE someone figure this out. I’ve now seen posts from 1 to seven years ago requesting this feature or, put another way, “categorising pages”. I don’t understand why the WP devs don’t think this is a useful scenario. It happens so frequently on websites I manage for clients. Like, every single time, basically. How do I remove the links to parents that have a blank page within the Breadcrumb NavXT plugin? And I wish my clients didn’t have to see the blank parent pages in the CMS, and yet still could see the hierarchy of all pages within the site. I’m sure it’s just confusing for them.

    What about using a dummy container solution as mentioned in the faq of the page links to plugin.
    Using the hash sign as url works like a charm for disabling clickable breadcrumbs and keeps the permalink parents for the structure.

    It’s a workaround, which means it does not get rid of the empty pages in the backend…anyone else have something for that?!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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