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  • I have the same problem, I hope there is an solution for it.

    Have you gone Settings, WPTouch, page down to Pages & Icons and uncheck the desired pages (not to display)

    I don’t have that option for some reason maybe bc I am working with a free version. All i have is:
    Pages + Icons
    Next, select the icons from the lists that you want to pair with each page menu item.

    You can also decide if pages are listed by the page order (ID) in WordPress, or by name (default).

    I’m talking about the free version

    The list contains all the tabs on your site

    The tabs that are clicked are available on smart phone

    Have you gone Settings, WPTouch, page down to Pages & Icons and uncheck the desired pages (not to display)

    Check out

    I am sorry but I have no idea where it is. it’s not under the Settings, WPTouch, page down to Pages & Icons. the only info I have under page and icons is Menu List Sort Order by page or ID and matching icons with page. that’s all. I don’t see an option to disable list of pages, archives nor categories in my wptouch settings.

    Did you Enable Home Menu Item

    On my system underneath Menu List Sort Order There is a list of all my tabs.

    uncheck the desired pages (not to display)

    I did that and still no luck. I don’t think we are on the same page. The issue may be that the pages, archives, categories are pulled in in the footer/or are part of the widget, they are not the actual pages. I went to my widget area and removed all widgets from all pages, still no results. Please check my site in your mobile

    cmderks, i found the solution. you need to add this code to your custom css:

    #sidebar { display: none !important; }

    for some reason mobile theme went all the way up the page so I am figuring out how to move it to the bottom again without the extra content.

    hope it helps.

    Plugin Author BraveNewCode Inc.


    By design. WPtouch and WPtouch Pro strips all sidebars and widgets as a first step to creating a streamlined mobile user experience. If you’re seeing the default WordPress sidebar below your mobile theme, it usually means there’s a conflict of some sort forcing that to display.

    To isolate which plugin(s) may be contributing to the trouble, deactivate all except WPtouch from within the WordPress Plugins area, clear your browser cache and local data then test.

    If WPtouch functions well, you may then enable the rest of your plugins one at a time, repeating the process, until you can identify which is/are causing the problem.

    You may choose to replace the conflicting plugin with another or upgrade to WPtouch Pro which has a feature that will allow you to disable the conflicting plugin within your mobile theme but leave your desktop theme intact.

    Thanks for getting back to me. The plugin that may cause a conflict is essential to the website (car demon) and i won;t be able not to use it. Is there any chance of trying wptouch pro for free (like a free trial) to see if the expanded capabilities work out for my site?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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