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    Ok, I always look up in the forums and Google possible solutions to my problem and I thought I had it but I’m stumped. I’m working on a friends site and he requested the titles to be removed on each page. Not the titles in the browser bar but the redundant titles that show up on the top of each page. From what I can tell this is the code I’m looking for:

    <h1 class="entry-title"><?php the_title(); ?></h1>

    I was able to get all pages that used the page-fullwidth.php but on this page I would like to remove the Category Archives:Blog:

    Can someone guide me through this? Thanks as always!

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    You will need to edit quite a few template within the theme. See Theme Development for a list of template files that may, or may not, be present in the theme and require editing.

    You might also want t point out to your friend that removing all of those titles makes for terrible SEO.

    Try it with CSS instead:
    h1.entry-title, {display:none;}

    esmi…will having All in one SEO plugin help at all? Gary, where would I plug that in? On the php file I want to edit?

    I would add it to the bottom of your style.css (if you have not created a custom stylesheet), that way it overrides any previous styles.

    If you are using a custom stylesheet just add it there, then include your stylesheet link in header.php under the link to style.css

    Also, I don’t know if I should re-post this as its own question but on this page I’m trying to get rid of the Shop link at the top of the page, above the Catalog Products page. I’m using a shortcode for the Shopp plugin so I’m not sure where to look. When Inspect element in my browser it looks like it’s in the breadcrumb class?

    Please excuse my ignorance, I’m still learning all the inner workings of WP.

    thanks Gary..I will try it now

    If you don’t want the breadcrumbs, jus add the css:
    .breadcrumbs {display:none;}
    to the bottom of your style.css page



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    will having All in one SEO plugin help at all?

    No. It will not counteract the SEO juice lost by removing the page titles. Or hiding them using display:none;

    Good info…my client is more concerned about the look of the site but I will stress to him how much this affects SEO.

    I am also researching this same issue – I also think it is redundant to have titles on the pages and in the menu navigation. Also, it is not consistent throughout. I have a blog page that doesn’t have a blog title on the page. I was able to delete the title by deleting css from the page template, but now I read it is not good SEO – which I was wondering about. Is there a good solution to this issue?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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