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    Hi, I’ve been using the Dkret3 theme for a while, but after recently updating the version to 4.5, my home page displays differently. I now cannot get rid of the title on the static home page.

    I’ve looked around and the fixes that other themes use (editing page.php etc) don’t seem to apply to this. Is there anything that would work to remove the title “Home” from my static front page?
    I’m sure it must be something simple….


    Thanks for any help!

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  • if you know CSS hide that with it’s unique style..if no please tell me I’ll you how to do that.


    Hiya, beyond editing a basic style.css file for my child theme, I can’t say I know too much about CSS… sorry!

    Just add:

    .home .page .page-title {
    display: none;

    to the end of dkret3 style sheet.

    (A better way is to add this css information to the style.css of your own child theme. Try that too, Google will assist you)

    Dropped that into my child theme and that sorted it out no problem.
    Thanks for all your help!

    That works for us.

    How do you remove the page title from the other pages?

    We tried;

    .about .page .page-title {
    display: none;

    To remove the contact page title, it did not work.

    I would like to make these changes to the child theme, not the source files. I know we could comment out the titles in page.php

    You can ask all those css questions or try to understand css.

    Dkret adds special classes to all kind of different pages. It uses the WordPress body_class() and post_class() functions.

    Firebug is the tool for your needs.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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