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  • I am currently attempting to edit an Evolve theme using pages (so that it looks more like a website and not a blog). I Cannot figure out how to remove the titles on the pages though.

    An example is on my site – I would like the title “LEAN in the ED” to be associated with it so it would show up in the link of pages on the right-hand column, but I don’t want the title on the actual page. (I tried blanking out the title by making it “  “, like on , but it still leaves space for the blanked title.)

    I know I probalby just have to blank something out in some php file, but which one?

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  • Try blanking out the wp_title function.

    I’ve blanked it out in all the php files (OK, I could only find it in one) iln the theme editor, but it’s still showing up! Which php file do I have to go to? (If it’s one on the webspace itself, where would I find it, I don’t even know where the php files for each page are find in the directory space on the FTP server!

    <?php the_title(); ?>”> is a code.

    the file where you can find the code to edit / delete should be single.php and page.php.
    <h1 class=”entry-title”> in the LEAN AND </ h1> to just delete you find h1

    sorry my english ^^

    Thanks. Going to do this right away.

    Is there a way to do this only on selected pages though? (for example: say I wanted to do it on the home page and the “Book Michael Now” page, but the rest of them the title will be left?)

    I can’t find a single.php or page.php, what directory should they be in?

    (I have figured out that the best way around doing it on some pages and not all is blanking it out on all pages and adding an h1 tag to those that I want it on in the TML, but I haven’t located the files where the blanking out occurs.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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