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  • I’ve been having problems with this one for quite some time now, but thanks to several slight redesigns and various things that I’ve tested, I’m now sitting with a bunch of thumbnail files in my uploads directory, sometimes up to 30 different ones for every single image ever uploaded, most of which I no longer need. It’s beginning to become noticable on my webhost and I’m looking for ways to clean it all out and start over without losing the original images.

    So here’s my question.

    Is there any way of removing the files from my /uploads directories without touching the original images and then having one of the addons that do this simply regenerate the thumbnails in the sizes that I need? Surely I’m not expected to do this manually?

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    What I usually do is connect using transmit (any ftp app would do), backup the images directory & then manually delete all the image files which are appended with dimensions, just keeping the one for each image which is at the original size as uploaded. Then run the operation provided by the regenerate thumbnails plugin which does exactly what its name suggests.

    There may be a way to automatically delete the unwanted sizes, but I’ve never looked for one as its usually early enough in a project that I decide on the sizes I need, so I usually only have fewer than a dozen images.

    Yeah; that’s not going to be a realistic option for me, as we’re up on somewhere north of 15,000 images at this point, all thumbnails included. I need an automated way – a plugin, for example – to find all the files named ABCDEFG-###x###.extension files.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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