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  • Hi,

    I searched for this but only found someone with a similar problem whose query wasn’t answered. I use Yoast’s SEO plugin, and I think that this is what generates my sitemaps, though I’m not really sure. I recently deleted my NextGen Gallery plugin and its sister search plugin from my site, as they’re not compatible with my new theme. I’m now getting e-mails from Google Webmaster Tools saying that they’re getting hundreds of not found errors from all my ngg_tag URLs (which used to relate to tags generated for images in my NextGen galleries). How can I stop this from happening?

    Thanks so much in advance!

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    The Yoast SEO plugin is generating your sitemap. You can remove the ngg_tag from your xml sitemap by going to XML Sitemaps in Yoast and than check under Exclude taxonomies the Picture tag (ngg_tag).

    I don’t understand what this ngg_tag is for, since for me it is only directing me to empty pages and occasionally to pages not related to the keyword.

    Hi Jeroen, thank you SO much for responding, I’d all but given up hope! I still get the mails from Webmaster Tools about hundreds of links going nowhere in my sitemap, and my hosts (Hostpapa) say they can’t help at all.

    I went where you said, and unfortunately don’t see the option to remove the ngg_tag. All I have is:

    “Please check the appropriate box below if there’s a taxonomy that you do NOT want to include in your sitemap:

    Categories (category)
    Tags (post_tag)
    Format (post_format)
    Categories (pcategory)
    Categories (MailPress_mailing_list)
    Tags (ptag)”

    Is there any way to do this via coding, perhaps?

    Thanks again!



    Well I don’t believe this is a big issue that you need to tackle. The fact is that you’ve removed something that isn’t there anymore. Google still thinks that it is on your website.

    A few month ago I made some major changes on my website, where I removed a lot of pages. I still see errors in the Webmaster Tools, but there is nothing that I can do to fix it because they’re just not there anymore.

    If you are on the Yoast sitemaps page, there is a button at the top where you can check your sitemap. If ngg_tags is not in there anymore, then everything is fine. I would just ignore the messages from Google.

    Maybe the biggest problem that you have now is that you get these emails from Google telling you there is something wrong. You can change the email settings in the Webmaster Tools and only get mails when Google has found something like malware on your website.

    Hi again. I clicked that button you mentioned and you’re right, Yoast isn’t listing the ngg URLs. Which makes me wonder what information Google is getting, and what else it might have got wrong, and (more worryingly) it might be missing. Have you any idea how to get the right information to Google? I tried posting on the Webmaster Tools forum, but nobody replied.



    Google is receiving the sitemap that WordPress SEO creates for you. You can see everything that is in there.

    Unless you have some specific keywords where your site isn’t found by Google, while you think that it should, I wouldn’t worry about it. If you cannot tell or understand what your issue is, how can someone else decide if something is wrong?

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