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  • Hello, Im moving from Shared to VPS and from Cpanel to Plesk. I have multisite enabled but since I don’t have root on my shared, I can not just simply migrate my full site from cpanel to Pleask. To cut question short, if I remove my site from Multisite back to single site, what happens to the other subdomain sites I currently have on multisite?..Will I still have access to them directly via or does WP remove all data since its wildcarded?..I have Multisite enabled and MultiSite Clone Duplicator, my file manager does not show a directory for each cloned site…Thank You

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  • You’ll need to create a new site for each subdomain and one for your main site. Your VPS should allow that.

    You’ll need to add the themes and plugins and you’ll need to export your content using the export tool in WordPress for each site individually.

    I’m not sure what you mean by not having root on your shared host. If you mean root user access then no you won’t have that but you don’t need it either to migrate. If you mean access to the web root then you have to have that as that’s where the web server finds its pages.

    The Plesk control panel worries me as that usually means Windows. I wouldn’t try to run a multisite WordPress on Windows but I wouldn’t run WordPress on Windows either.

    You should be able to migrate what you have on a shared host to a VPS as a VPS is usually a much better and more capable server than a shared host. But there’s nothing wrong with a shared host either.

    You asked about directories for multisite. There are no individual directories for the sites in multisite except for the media uploads directory for each site. Everything else is shared from the single main WordPress install. All plugins and themes are added to the main site which becomes the network ‘site’ with the main site and also shares its resources to the other sites.

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    Thanks for reply..What I want to accomplish is reverting Multisite back to individual sites, then login to each subdomain site, use All-WP Export to extract all data on each sub site and import into VPS into each subdomain site individually, i’ll set up new subdomains in Plesk …VPS is running Linux not windows…

    Plesk panel requires Root access to fully migrate your site from cpanel, not an option for me since im on shared hosting and root access to server is not available , All-WP Export charges a lot for Multisite export so I need to do it individually..

    If Im able to remove Multisite and still login to subdomain site, I think I can do this by installing All-Wp export on each subdomain, exporting and importing on VPS

    There’s nothing to switch or ‘revert’ a multisite back to discrete sites. There are no directories or subdirectories in multisite except the uploads directories.

    You’ll need to create individual sites somewhere and export your content then import that into the new site.

    You might be able to do that via that plugin you mentioned. I’ve never done that in that way.

    Glad to hear that VPS is on Linux… as I said, when I see Plesk I think Windows servers.

    You can manually move the whole multisite also if you want but I’m thinking you might find the discrete sites to be easier to move to and fairly friendly.

    I’d probably start with my smallest site on the multisite and move it first. Then proceed forward.

    If you have to or feel the need there’s documentation to moving sites to and from a multisite and further documentation for moving the whole multisite if you wish.

    If you have FTP or SFTP you might find that helpful too when it comes to moving themes and plugins but not at all necessary.

    If your VPS has a one button installer then this get’s even easier yet.

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    Thanks for reply..I don’t mind migrating each site one by one, issue is on multisite, I don’t see directory where files are stored for each site. Seems on Cpanel you can configure SSH access and Im trying to connected it with Plesk Migration..Thank You for replies..

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