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  • I am relatively new to wordpress and am trying to figure out (amongst many other things) how to get rid of these red lines under the menu that I have started in the side bar of my site. I am using a theme called Mimino. Here’s the url, if someone would be willing to point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Those red lines in the sidebar are set in the CSS. In this case the style sheet declares a border that is colored with a hex value: #990B0B

    You can change that quite easily by editing the style sheet in the editor. If you ever updated the theme, you will lose the edit. If you create a child theme, you can add your own style sheet and these will remain if your base theme is updated.

    You could change the color of the border or turn it off altogether but you don’t say what you wanted to do.

    The theme itself might have some color options for you to change in the dashboard but in my limited experience, I haven’t seen one that allows that much control.

    I had not created a child theme. I will go and figure out how to do that first and then change the stylesheet in that then….I wanted to have the lines not appear there at all. I guess, I could just make them white in colour and that would solve the problem….


    Setting up your child theme should be easy.

    If you’re using a premium theme they sometimes include instructions and a style sheet to start you off. Failing that, the codex is good on this.

    If you only intend making minor changes to the theme, you could get away with doing it directly in the theme style.css. You just have to remember where you did it and keep a copy of the file after your edits.

    In your current theme the border is being declared in two different places. If you add this to the style sheet:

    header #nav {
    border: none;

    That should do it. You might not need the header bit of the rule but I think that adds to the specificity which should then override the existing rules. Otherwise, you would need to make sure it comes after the other rules in the style sheet.

    Another alternative is to edit the existing rules and remove the current border declaration and replace it with border:none

    Hope that nails it


    I should have put border: none; in that last paragraph.

    If you tinkering with CSS, each declaration should finish with a semi-colon

    That’s wonderful, I was just looking at the codex and have set up a folder on my server as mimino-child. Do I then create a new doc for the style sheet or do I copy the existing stylesheet from the parent folder and add the code you have given me at the top?

    make a new folder in the themes folder.

    Name that new folder meaningfully (mimino-child)

    Add your new file style.css with the following in it.

     Theme Name:     You choose a name
     Description:    You choose a description
     Author:         Add your name if you want to
     Template:       the folder name where the parent theme sits (this is critical)
    @import url("../thefoldername where the parent theme sits/style.css");
    /* =Theme customization starts here
    -------------------------------------------------------------- */
    header #nav {
    border: none;

    Some themes are set up with some fancy shizzle using lots of hooks, functions and other stuff. If that’s the case, I can’t help you but usually, I have found that in those cases the developer will provide some instructions or even a zipped file.

    Once you crack the child theme thing, it’s really helpful.

    If you are uncertain about using CSS code, be cautious. It’s easy enough to pick up but things can go wrong.

    Ah, I had not put the template location down, that’s why it wasn’t working….there weren’t a lot of instructions with this theme…

    I’ll give it a shot and let you know how it goes…:)

    This is what appears at the top of the themes style.css sheet:

    Theme Name: Mimino
    Theme URI:
    Description: Mimino
    Version: 1.1
    Author: AtiX
    Author URI:
    Tags: modern, clean, light, dark, slider, portfolio, minimalist

    Is this what I would put:

    Theme Name: Mimino-child
    Theme URI:
    Description: Mimino-child
    Template: Mimino
    Version: 1.1
    Author: LB


    Theme Name: This is YOUR name for YOUR child theme, call it Jimbo if you like but Mimino Child makes more sense

    Theme URI: This isn’t required

    Description: This will provide a bit of text in the dashboard

    Template: This has to be the name of the folder where the parent theme is, exactly. It is critical – might be minimo

    Version: whatevs – not required

    Author: whatevs – not required

    Try that.

    Yay!! It doesn’t have the red lines anymore around the menu!Can I ask you what I would use to remove the lines from above the FB icon?

    Thanks for taking the time to help me. I will be back!

    Sorry, I meant the line below the FB icon…

    .contact-box .area {
        border-bottom: none;

    Be careful with your new CSS. Edit and check, edit and check…

    You could look at using the Firebug plugin for Firefox. It is very, very useful for this sort of thing

    Thank you Martcol! I will look into the Firebug plugin.

    I added the code you gave me above but it didn’t remove the line….is it for sure the contact box area? div.area {
        border-bottom: none;

    You could try that. I think this has to do with CSS specificity. You could Google that!

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