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  • For some reason there are line breaks on my site where there should not be. There are no br tags, no CSS that I can find, or anything.

    The page in question is this:

    There are line breaks before and after the stars that should not be there. The name, date, rating, and comments should all be on one line. Is it something in WordPress that is forcing this, or have I missed something simple?

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  • HTML basics…
    Read the second sentence!

    I wish I had read that a year ago. I suppose that’s the difference between using a div and a span tag for classes and ids?


    The problem was that the post ratings plugin uses div tags, but is easily editable to use span tags instead.

    post ratings plugin

    Here is a fix for a related bug, namely the annoying line breaks which come when posting with the BLOG BY EMAIL function (many people looking for this fix somehow wind up here while searching for an answer in the forum)…

    Here’s how I fixed the BLOG BY EMAIL line breaks:

    I used the Text Control plugin:
    Install the plugin package into WordPress.

    You will now find text control config in your WordPress SETTINGS

    Within text control config, change the default post setting to MARKDOWN

    If you have PHP v. 5x, you will need to replace the markdown.php file with an updated version. Otherwise, you will get errors on every post about Warning: preg_replace_callback()

    Here is the updated version of markdown.php:

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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