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  • Hello,

    Please can you remove all the !important values from the style sheets?

    I would like to apply my own styles and this just makes everything a lot harder. Also, it’s bad practice to force styles like this.

    You can see the new styling at:

    I did a search/replace to remove all “!important” references in order to apply this style.



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  • don’t just manually edit your stylesheet use plugin like advanced CSS editor
    this will help you to write media queries and CSS smoothly and its ajax powered that means you can see your code instantly

    Plugin Author kevinhaig


    I realize the !important is not a great thing. But it gets around some themes that effectively take over the testimonial basic styles.

    I’m revisiting this because the old forced styling is back in the latest version…

    Overwriting my very intentional design preferences isn’t cool! Surely things like the background colours should be in my domain so that it fits the overall site design.

    Just use a good combination of IDs or classes to pinpoint the elements. There should be no !important references in here. Other plugin developers have managed this without too many issues.

    At the moment, each time the plugin updates, I run a search/replace to remove the references to avoid the plugin styles from ruining my design.

    Please can you sort this?



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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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