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  • Hello! Love this theme. It’s fantastic. Just wondering if I can remove the custom header space (and image) from secondary pages. It’s awesome for the static home page, but I’d like to remove it for all other pages. I’ve tried a few suggestions for editing the css and php files, but none of them have worked. Our site is here:

    It is very possible that I didn’t understand the code editing suggestions. They were for other themes and weren’t very specific.

    Thank you!

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  • Yes, most often if you try CSS or code changes for other themes, they won’t work for another theme.

    The first thing you should know is that you should not be making changes directly to any of the theme files by going to Appearance → Editor. Any changes you make to the theme files will be lost the next time you update/upgrade the theme. The suggested way to make changes is to create a child theme or use a CSS plugin. If you’re making changes to any of the .PHP files, then you should create a child theme, and then make your modifications to a copy of the .PHP file that you want to change. Otherwise, if you are just making CSS changes, then a plugin is sufficient.

    I see that you have Jetpack installed, and Jetpack allows you to add your own custom CSS. Just activate the Custom CSS option by going to Jetpack → Settings. Once activated, you will see a menu item on your admin dashboard under Appearance → Edit CSS.

    Click on the Edit CSS menu item and copy & paste these four rules at the very end:

    .site-header {
       display: none;
    .home .site-header {
       display: block;
    .site-content {
       padding-top: 40px;
    .home .site-content {
       padding-top: 0;

    The first rule hides the header by default. The second rule will display it on the home page. The third rule adds back some spacing that will be taken away when the header is removed, and the fourth rule suppresses that extra spacing on the home page.

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    You rock my face off! This worked like a charm. THANK YOU!

    Will this work for removing the page title from the static front page?

    Hi, Diana:

    If you want to remove the title header from the home page as well, then just leave off the two rules above that start with .home. Then the header won’t be displayed on any page

    First, I am a very raw recruit. I am learning WordPress on my own and stumbling as I go. I tried what you suggested and I still have a title at the top of my Front Page “Front Page” which I would like to remove. My site is under construction moving from an asp site to WordPress. Could you take a look and let me know what I need to do to remove that title from the page. It is okay if it is on the remainder of the pages (not there yet). My site is

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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