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    Hi all. I’m looking to remove the footer from my static home page only. I would like the footer to appear on all the other pages as normal. This is my site here. Any ideas? Thanks

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  • There are more complicated and maybe more elegant ways to do it — but you can do it like this in the CSS code:

    body.home #footer {
       display: none;

    Worked perfect when I added it to the beginning of my child theme css… it didn’t like it at the end of the css. Thanks Yogi!

    Mmm, if it was not working at the end, that may mean you have a syntax error someplace in there. Try validating your code to be sure — otherwise you will likely have unpleasant surprises later…

    Thanks for pointing this out. It found 108 errors (!!) however, when I delete all of my custom CSS from the stylesheet, it still finds 85 errors. So I can only assume these 85 errors must be present with a fresh install of the theme. Perhaps it’s just outdated? Still seems like a lot..

    It’s not that unusual, but some “errors” are not a problem — but only because that CSS is not recognized as part of the standard — i.e. browser specific “fixes” or features. The problematic ones are syntax errors which generally show up as Parse Errors — usually a missing bracket or missing semi-colon.

    I see, that makes sense. I figured something like this might be the case as companies with millions of dollars invested into their website are still bringing up errors (ebay, yahoo, etc). That being said, everything seems to be functioning properly in the major browsers, so I guess I’m just going to leave it alone… hopefully this sort of thing doesn’t hurt your SEO, but I guess that’s a whole other discussion 🙂

    Thanks again, I appreciate your help

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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