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[Resolved] Removing Font

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    I would like to removed font in website that is in the search area (age) I am not sure how to do this with css…. please help… thanks

    site: probonoexhcange.com

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  • The url you provided is incorrect: probonoexchange.com seems to work, however you are going to need to be somewhat more specific in order for anyone to address the issue accurately.

    in the search area (age)

    I realize that may be a typo, but it isn’t very concise. Please try to explain in some specific detail, what area of your site and what font it is that you would like to modify. Thanks!



    Sorry about that… it is probonoexchange.com ….. basically I want to disable age search all over the site http://probonoexchange.com/members/?pid=5&pagetitle=basic_search …. as well as on the quick search widget on the home page ( I am assuming once I remove age from the rest of the site it will no longer be in the widget because the quick search widget picks up on the information within the site?)


    Ahhh… I think I understand now. The problem on this one however, is that the Aggregate theme is a commercial offering that’s available from elegantthemes.com. I get the impression that the issue you’re concerned with might be directly related to features integrated into the Aggregate theme itself, and unfortunately, all commercial theme support is generally referred directly back to the theme vendor/developer support channels. The lack of availability through sources other than just outright purchasing a theme or specific site membership, can make troubleshooting commercial theme issues difficult here in the forums.

    The bottom line is, you will need to contact support at elegantthemes.com for documentation and troubleshooting information related to the Aggregate theme. Good luck to you!



    Thank you=)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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