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    Is there anyway to remove the default widget title?

    Every time I remove it the default title “Sendinblue Newsletter” shows up and I prefer not to modify the plugin files.

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    Can you share a screenshot of the issue in question?

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    Sure but not sure how to share an image on here.

    To recreate the problem you can
    1. Add the Sendinblue Widget to a sidebar or footer.
    2. Remove the Widget Title “Sendinblue Newsletter” then save
    3. The Widget Title “Sendinblue Newsletter” will reappear by default.

    I see the code in the plugin files that sets the widget default title “Sendinblue Newsletter”. I am currently using a custom HTML widget and adding the form shortcode but prefer to use the Sendinblue Widget.

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    Thank you for contacting us.

    I just did a test by adding the form in the widgets and then removing it, and it was removed from the site correctly.

    Could you please make us a video (don’t forget to blur your confidential data), so that we can understand the incident better?

    I am looking to hear from you.

    Best regards,

    Sendinblue support team

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    Hey there,

    Yes if I add the form in as a widget and remove it, is it removed from the website correctly. However the instructions of the previous post were not followed.

    You are adding and removing the widget so to clarify for a third time. If I remove the Form Widget Title or the Title of the Widget Form, the default Widget Title “Sendinblue Newsletter” reappears by default.

    I can overwrite the plugin files for the Form Widget not to show the Form Widget Title but I rather not modify the theme files.

    I can make a video of that if you need a fourth clarification.


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    @fmh999 yes please, you can use tool like snipboard/ to upload the photo and share in the thread.

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    Hi @fmh999 can you share the URL of the website/page in question?

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    I do not have the form widget running on a live website so sending a URL is not helpful.

    Feel free to follow these instructions, and I have simplified them.

    1. Add the widget
    2. Remove the title of the widget
    3. Save widget
    4. the Default widget title will appear after it is removed/saved.

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