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    I would like to remove the date, time and byline from my posts and can not seem to figure it out. I have been reading the forum and trying suggestions without any luck.

    I added
    .post-date {
    display: none;

    but it didnt work. Perhaps I added it to the wrong place.. Some clarity would be lovely.

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  • according to this http://“><a href=”

    I should be able to edit this fairly easy. I have searched and searched and can not find
    .post-date {
    display: none;
    In the css style file. It seems to me that it may need to be edited in the content page. I sure would like some help from one of you super techs out there as I am a novice

    Get the child theme set up first before you do any further modifications to the theme.

    Ok. So can you explain to me how to do the aforementioned edit?

    Once you have the child theme set up, post a link to your site and then I’ll be able to tell you after seeing the site.

    Hi there. Are you using the default WordPress theme?

    Depending on how the by-line has been implemented in your particular theme, you may need to style “.entry-meta”.

    Just as @wpyogi suggested, always setup a child theme before making any changes.

    The WordPress codex has a comprehensive article about child themes. Please digest it first, before making any changes to your theme files:

    For instance, in twentythirteen, you can hide the by-line by adding this CSS style:


    If you are running WP version 3.6, you can use the “Custom CSS” option in the Appearance section of your Admin Area to make this edit. Saves you having to edit theme files.

    Hope this helps.

    I tried this suggestion with no luck. I am using the Spun theme.

    If someone could please explain this I would really appreciate it. been trying to figure out where this is located for 3 days.

    You don’t have a child theme set up…why do you want to make changes that will be lost when the theme is updated?

    I also don’t see any pages with dates on them –

    This is a test site. For me to learn. Once I understand what I am doing I will put it into place with a child theme 😉

    If you look click the circle images the posts within those have date and byline on them. It looks like this.

    I will put it into place with a child theme 😉

    Are you aware that you will need to redo a good amount of the work you are doing to move to a child theme?

    The code you have above is correct – if it’s not working, it might be due to some CSS errors:

    I would like to remove the date, time and byline from my posts

    for “Spun” theme.

    I wonder if you managed to get this resolved yet. The code I offered earlier will definitely do the job. I have confirmed this on a fresh copy of the theme.

    If it doesn’t work for you, try inspecting the meta content, using chrome developer tools, or firefox firebug. It will show you the exact name of the class, as well as the style rules being applied. If you need to hide it, just add a “display:none”.

    As always, use a child theme. Especially if you are just practicing. Makes it easier to roll back, if you break something unintentionally.

    Hope this helps.

    So, I deleted and reinstalled in order to work with a child theme. Once I activated the theme it doesnt look right.

    Did I miss a step?

    You don’t have a child theme activated on your site – can you do that? You also have to redo any settings/theme options in a child theme – they aren’t all carried over.

    Thats what I am working on doing. Basically, I am trying to start from scratch to get a fresh install of the theme, and put the child theme in place. So I deleted wordpress from my host and reinstalled. But when I reinstalled the theme looked this way. Is this correct?

    I tried this again. I deleted all the files in my ftp. Then I uninstalled wordpress. Waited and hour, reinstalled wordpress, logged in and reinstalled Spun. I got the same results. Please help.

    I don’t know what you mean by “this way.” Looks like a regular Spun theme – if something looks very off to you, try clearing your browser cache. But have you created the child theme? After you create it, you have to activate it. Right now, there is not a child theme active.

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