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    I am using WP as a CMS and have removed ALL the comment code from index.php, single.php and page.php in the theme folder. The site has never had commenting allowed, ever.

    Still, every few days, I get a couple of comments in the moderation lineup. It isnt’ a problem in that they show up on the site, but I don’t see how they are getting that far if the files have nothing there for the comment-er to be posting them with? And somehow, some spammers are getting to the database, which bothers me.

    Do I need to remove something from the wordpress files themselves to stop this? I have not done that so far; theme files are one thing, but it makes me nervous to mess with the actual WP files.

    If this has been answered elsewhere, I’m sorry. I have tried to search the forums for help with this question, but can’t come up with effective search terms. Everyone else seems to want comments to be there.

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  • Chris_K


    Bet you those spammy comments you’re seeing are Trackbacks. That may be a better search term 🙂



    Nope, they are not trackbacks. I know what trackbacks look like and are. They are actually comments.

    I went back and checked; the page on the site they most recently appeared on did not have comments (and yes, pings) unchecked in the post writing window. So that is the link, but I still wonder

    how could this happen when the comment template tags were completely removed? There isn’t event a comment.php in the theme folder.

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