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    Ok here’s a gripe but also should be of help to people who are not anoraks and just want help, not to get a degree in coding.

    Firstly, I spent a lot of time trying to find out why the Disqus Plugin was not working anymore on my site. Disqus couldn’t help so I uninstalled the plugin and reverted to the WordPress Comment system. All good but now I wanted to restrict the comment facility to certain pages e.g. didn’t want it to clutter up my Home page.

    The forums on this were very difficult to understand. People were saying ‘do this, do that’ without being absolutely specific. You anoraks assume we inexperienced people are PC-intuitive. Case in point, to remove the comment facility I eventually worked out that on a specific page you are editing you go to ‘Screen options’ at the top right and a band entitled ‘Show on screen’ drops down with checkable boxes. Pardon me but I assumed ‘Show on screen’ means show on the website NOT on the edit screen. Can WP please make this clear to the unitiated? Why not call it ‘Show on Edit screen’? Shimples, eh?

    So you have to CHECK and NOT uncheck the Discussion and Comment box. Then you scroll down and you can under ‘Discussion’ near the bottom that you can check or uncheck a box called ‘Allow comments’. If you uncheck it and update then this facility is removed from the page you are editing. Shimples when you know how!!! Note that you might have to empty your cache and delete cookies to see the change on your actual site.

    So this is a plea to the developers who run WP and the moderators to please assume that the person who needs help is not as intelligent or initiated as you in WP and so needs CLEAR instructions.

    Oh and another gripe, going to the WP Forums and asking a question is all very well but if you can’t find your answer you have to start a new thread. So how are you supposed to do this? There is no facility in a Forum. So you have to search the forums to find how to start a thread. How stupid is that!? Here’s the link to start a thread

    So can WP please put a ‘Start a new thread’ at the top of each specific thread please? It makes kind of sense, doesn’t it?

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    There is no facility in a Forum.

    There is a new topic form at the bottom of every single topic listing page for each forum..

    Thank you for that. You have solved my problem.

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