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  • Probably a simple question for the experts: I manage a WP-site with Mantra running. There is a sticky post on top “Open dag NEM Academy Breda” that I would like to modify the format of. I don’t want the category “Uitnodiging” to be displayed, on the homepage, (not when opening the post. That’s not important).

    How to achieve that? I think I’ll need to adjust a PHP file? But which one? and where?

    Any hints are welcome, since they will save me a lot of time. I haven;t figured out the structure of the theme (hardly ever need to) and I don’t know much php: also not needed to manage a WP-site. Except now I suppose.

    (I tried asking this on the Matra-theme producers’ forum, but no answer)

    Much obliged! regards, Thomas.

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  • If anybody could spend a few minutes on this one, I’d really be helped. I can’t solve it alone.

    I looked inside content-image.php and content.php but I see no reference to ‘cat’ or ‘category’. And even if I would find it I wouldn’t know which exact part of the code to take out.

    Thanks again, Thomas.

    Please post on the theme’s forum (on this site) for theme-specific questions:

    Details about what you want to do will be helpful to people answering.

    Thank you WPyogi,
    I will post there, and try to add more detail.

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