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  1. powerkor
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Can someone look at my code and tell me why its not removing the list bullets in the sidebar for my categories? I have list-style:none; defined everywhere possible, but still, they continue to show up.

    I've been using googles chrome element inspector to try and figure it out with no luck.

    please help, url: http://www.roguedeals.com/reviews

    I'm using the dynamic sidebar and I believe I have to edit either category.php or classes.php, but I'm not sure which one or where. I'd like someone with more experience with these files to help me a bit.

    OH, and btw, they DON'T show up in IE, but in chrome and firefox they do... which is what I want it to work with, since it evaluates CSS more accurately.

  2. powerkor
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I found my answer here:

    I had to remove some stupid default code (in the 'default' theme)
    I spent a lot of time on this, glad its fixed, but I am really annoyed.

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