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    I now need help removing bullets from login/register meta. I found how to do it before, but can’t find it again. I remember I went into one of the php files a deleted the code for the bullet, but it only was removed from the Login, and not the Register part. Here is my site so you can see what I’m taking about, it is in the top right corner. Thanks!

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  • Uhhh why not use css?


    and you have got the login/out without list style already:

    So I severely messed up my site… I read the Codex, changed the wp_register in general-template.php to the code above, and went to load a page and got a fatal redeclare error on deprecated.php.

    I went and reverted to an older backup of general-template.php and deprecated.php and the site seemed to work, with oddly the bullets removed even though I reverted to older files.

    Then I go to login to wordpress and get:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare tinymce_include() (previously declared in /home/content/j/x/i/jxile/html/wp-includes/deprecated.php:755) in /home/content/j/x/i/jxile/html/wp-admin/includes/deprecated.php on line 25

    So right now I downloaded the default wordpress installation files again and am uploading them, hoping that this will fix the issue.

    Have any of you dealt with issue in changing the general-template.php and having the deprecated.php file have redeclaration issues? I tried looking through the code and seeing what the issue was, but it is not something I am familiar with and do not want to mess up my site any further.

    What should I do to fix this issue, remove the bullets, and not have it happen again? Thanks for your help!

    Okay, so got back on track with my blog, now I need top delete that pesky bullet. Can you give me the exact code to change, and it’s location so I don’t screw up my blog again? Thanks for all of the help!

    I finally figured it out, thanks for the help!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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