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    Hello everybody,
    recently I got myself into the Origin theme.
    I would like to remove the breadcrumbs, but I simply can’t figure out how.
    Does anyone have any ideas?
    Thank you in advance!

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  • I have the same question!

    I had tried commenting out line 47:
    ‘show_home’ => __( ‘Home’, ‘breadcrumb-trail’ ), in the file: library/extensions/breadcrumb-trail.php, but it didn’t work out and breadcrumbs are still showing.
    Does anyone by any chance know what to do, please? 🙂

    add this to your css

    .breadcrumb-trail {
    display: none;

    Thanks a lot! 🙂

    Worked out after I added the other label:
    .breadcrumbs { display:none;}



    Font hero

    Please never touch the parent theme directly, make modifications in childtheme only.

    Once you have child theme set up properly, put that above code in style.css which will only “display:none” that part. The code is still there in the source code of page but it’s invisible which is suffice in this case.

    Or put this in functions.php, this should remove the code entirely.

    add_filter( 'breadcrumb_trail', '__return_false' );


    You can also create functions.php in your child theme and then add the lines to the newly created functions.php:

    add_filter( ‘breadcrumb_trail’, ‘__return_false’ );

    I just recognized, that usage of CSS id="site-site-description" is used for a ‘<div>’ or for a ‘<h2>’ element, depending on your content. Now I know why the silver bottom line only appears to my start/entry page…

    and if you have something like this @paulwpxp and @netzschrauber

    .home #featured .col-460:first-child {
    display: none;

    in the css, how can you add this to the filter?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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