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  • I’m a network admin for our multisite WordPress installation at a college.

    Each semester, I create a couple blogs that tied to courses.
    At the end of the semester, I’d like to remove these course blogs.

    Under Network Admin > Sites > All Sites, hovering over the site link will display a menu of links. One of the settings is “archive.”

    What exactly does activating the “archive” setting do? What does it mean from a blog user’s perspective?


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  • This option will let you lock the visibility of that particular site, so that it only be visible to the super admin.

    Ah yes… I see that now.

    Have I explained the difference between “archive” and “deactivate” correctly? (See below)

    Archive: Only network/super admins can archive a blog. It is essentially a way to suspend a blog. All data remains intact and the blog can be unarchived. Upon navigating to the blog, users will encounter a message “This site has been archived or suspended.”

    Deactivate: Only network/super admins can deactivate a blog. This is a means to take down a blog. All data remains intact and the blog can be re-activated. Upon navigating to the blog, users will encounter a message “This user has elected to delete their account and the content is no longer available.” (Is the message accurate? When a blog admin chooses Tools > Delete Site, does it just deactivate the account or does it actually destroy the blog? Judging from the wordpress message above, I’d assume a blog admin’s “delete site” request would just deactivate the blog, not destroy it.)

    Can anyone add to this or do a better job explaining the differences? Did I miss anything?

    You can test these kinda settings by setting up a DEMO site. See, you have explained better than me. 🙂

    Well, I have gone down the demo route already.

    The problem blindly selecting options and investigating what happens means I can miss a whole lot. If I know what an option is supposed to do, I can then test to ensure it behaves as expected. If I don’t know the criteria to test against, it becomes less testing and more a process of discovery.

    For example: On a demo site, I activated the “archive” setting. Then, when I visited the blog (still logged in as super admin), I saw a fully functioning blog. I didn’t know I had to log-off to see a difference. Hence, not testing and more a process of discovery.

    You (wptesting) gave me a criterion to test. You told me an archived the site is no longer visible to non-super admins. I tested to ensure that was accurate (and it was).

    Thanks for the suggestion.
    Does anyone know if documentation exists for these options?

    In my opinion, run a search (Google/WP Forum) first
    if results found > run a test > if u need farther clarification OR if there is no specific result, You can post it here 🙂

    I believe NO, there is no specific Codex available for these options.

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    There’s no real difference between them.

    It sucks.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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