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    I am working on a project for school at )Enter “2680” to view.

    The sub pages of my portfolio tab ( use the single post template (I believe) but they look different from my single post blog page (

    I only see one single.php file in the theme folder so I am really confused why one has the comment box and one doesn’t. I basically want to remove the author info and the previous and next from the portfolio pages so it looks like a regular page not a post, but leave the blog page with both of them.

    Any ideas?

    Also, does anyone know why my blog post url is …archives/55? There is no option to edit the link, only “Get Shortcode” which I haven’t seen before. I would like it to be url..niks-news/welcome.

    Thanks in advance for the help!


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  • for portofolio page use the custom post template.

    create template for portofolio page.

    look this:

    I still want the author info and the comment box on the blog posts, but I don’t want them on the portfolio posts… I only see the one single.php file but why would the pages look different if they are both running off of the single.php template?

    The single blog page currently has both the author info and the comment box but the portfolio post page only has the author box.

    Shouldn’t they both have both elements since they are using the same template?

    Oh, and I changed the permalinks to the post name which worked fin on the blog post but now I get 404’s on all of the portfolio post pages.

    Ok I managed to fix my permalinks issue… I had to rename my “Portfolio” menu to “Work” and now it seems I can successfully use %post_name%.

    So yay for that!

    BUT… I still can’t figure out how to remove the author info and the next and previous arrows from my portfolio post pages. Here is an example of the portfolio post

    Can anyone help? Here is the link to the template that I am using as the page to display the categories:

    But I think that the actual link that goes to the post is running off of single.php. Here is the code for that:

    The biggest thing that I want to do is remove the author and previous/next from the portfolio category pages ONLY. I still want it on the blog single posts.

    Are these running off of the same php because one has the comment box and one does not.

    Please help!


    in single.php try removing

    <nav class="oldernewer">
          <div class="older">
            <?php previous_post_link('%link', '&laquo; Previous post') ?>
          <div class="newer">
            <?php next_post_link('%link', 'Next Post &raquo;') ?>

    Thanks Maskom! I did that and it removed the previous/next from both the blog page and the portfolio posts…. which I don’t want.

    But… it didn’t remove the author info.

    Is there a way I can keep the previous/next on the single blog post while removing it from the portfolio post?


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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