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    I am using WP 2.3 and adding my own tags into the new tagging field. However, I want to change all tags to lower case. Everytime I go into an individual post and change “Berkeley” to “berkeley,” it just goes right back to being “Berkeley.” It doesn’t save the changes.

    I’ve gone as far as to remove “Berkeley” from all posts tagged as such and then start retagging as “berkeley,” but it’s as if it remembers the former capital case.

    Is there a file I can cleanse of the wrong tags? Or delete all tags and start over? The Tag Cloud widget came with my wordpress (or theme: Mandigo) and I can’t find any place to make edits to it. It’s infuriating to keep editing the tags and have the edits somehow not take.

    My website is and the tag cloud is in the upper righthand corner.


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  • Yes! Thanks, I should have posted this before I deleted a bunch of tags. That works. I’ll post it here just in case anyone ends up at this thread. But just out of curiosity, what is going on with this? How come WP doesn’t “save” my changes to the case of the tags within my post?

    #tag_cloud {
    text-transform: lowercase;

    I don’t know. I assume there is a setting somewhere to capitalize the tags – and we just overwrote that 🙂

    Hi, I have a similar problem. With the tags an old wish was fullfilled. I can now, separately from using categories, make a simple function to get all reviews of a certain band, label, writer, etc. I happily started to fill the tag boxes. One band got the tag “Dernière Volonté”. Later I remembered that a search for “derniere” does NOT give Dernière reviews (I have to look into that), so I figured that I could use the tags also for this problem, so I tried (TRIED…) to change the tags to “Derniere Volonte” for that band, but WP keeps putting them back to the first way of writing, even after having deleted them all. Somehow WP remembers tags, but where are they put…? Can I still change the tag?

    Until this is build into WP itself, I can advise this great plugin.

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