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  • I inherited a website to manage from a company our organization was originally paying a monthly fee to maintain. I’ve searched the forums for my problem, have contacted the former maintainers several times to no avail.

    We are a non-profit organization. At one point, someone had signed up to sell merchandise through CafePress, but with our status, we are not allowed to profit from sales. We’ve had the Merchandise link on our sidebar for as long as I can remember, but it needs to be removed.

    I’ve removed every instance I can find of it throughout the site, not only using Dreamweaver which the site is written in, but also through the cPanel and for the life of me, IT WON’T GO AWAY!!

    I’m at a complete loss. I’ve spent countless hours on this problem and just cannot get this particular link erased from the sidebar. It’s not a widget, it’s listed on the sidebar.php pages.

    The really bizarre thing is, it doesn’t show up if you log in to the members only section. Only on the main pages for people who aren’t logged in.

    Any suggestions or ideas would be so appreciated as I’m at my wit’s end and that’s been a very short rope lately.


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  • After hours upon hours of trying to get this resolved, I finally managed to get the one link removed! I edited the .html index page with the WYSIWYG editor and it’s finally gone.

    Sorry to have been a bother.

    Thanks again for reading though.

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