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  • Should be under Appearance > Header

    yeo it’s there but there I have 4 images and the random option is selected. There is a remove image button but it says that “this will remove the header image. You will not be able to restore any customizations.” SO I want to remove only one image, is it safe to select it and hit the remove button?

    you can save that specific image for backup on your local drive (right click, save as…)
    then select it and delete it.

    just tried that, it doestn’ let me remove it. Basically I have selected the offending image (andy_background_1_thumb.jpg) selected it, clicked on “remove header image”, then I saved and not only the image is still in the list, but it doesn’t disappear from the banner on the site. ANy idea?

    You will need to delete that image via FTP and not on the header section. That option is only for removing the image from the site.

    I see, I think removing it from the site is enough, but it is not working, if I select it and click remove it, hit the save button and check the site the picture is still there on the site in the banner…what am I doing wrong?

    You are not doing anything wrong.

    That image is saved in the “Random” loop and will continue looping through for as long as it is in the location where it was saved.

    If it was not uploaded via the header section then you’ll probably find it set as one of the default images if the theme you are using is a custom one. In that case you can remove it either in the functions.php or the custom-header.php depending on where the header code is located in your theme.

    Hi Zulfikar Nore,
    thanks for that.
    Unfortunately I don’t remember how it was updated, I did it ages ago and I am a bit rusty with wordpress, is there any way I can find out?
    As mentioned earlies, if I go to the Header section under Appearances, I can see all the images used in the banner, including the one I want to remove, and yes I am using a custom theme.
    If I want to remove the image from the php files, do I have to access them directly from the server where the site resides or is there any other way?

    Sorry for the delay in getting back.

    First point of call is to look in the Media section to see if you can spot the image – if it was uploaded then that is where it will be.

    However if its one of the default header images then the first port of call is either the custom-header.php or the functions.php files and look through the code that renders the header image/banner.

    Once found then simply delete it or replace it.

    Deleting it from the server will leave your site with either a blank section within the header display loop or and an X indicating that the image is missing.

    At the end of the day it all depends on how the image is being called in the aforementioned file(s) – once you know then you can decide the best way to remove it.

    Hope that helps somehow,

    thanks, I did check the media section, and unfortunately the image is not there. Now, where do I find the custom-header.php or the functions.php files? DO I have to access them directly from the server? If so in which folder?
    The image will have to be deleted and not replaced, so when I find the files I will make a copy first and then test it without the image and see how it goes

    The functions.php is located in the same folder where the index.php is – so that would be the root of the theme i.e wp-content/themes/yourthemename/

    If the code is not there then the custom-header.php is your next port of call – this maybe in the same location as above or could be nested in a sub-folder. If its in a sub-folder then that most likely to be called inc or includes.

    Using FTP would be the easier option and yes, backing up the file first is the wise thing to do.

    fab thanks, I will have a look at it and then post back!

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