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  • Hi all,
    I have a network activated plugin that detects mobile devices and displays the site in a mobile-friendly way. What I want to accomplish is a way to disable this plugin from initializing for any given site that chooses to do so. I have made a settings screen and am using the options table to store whether or not the site wants to use the mobile plugin. The problem is getting the remove_action() function to work. I know it’s probably an order of execution problem or I’m using the wrong hook, but I found that it does work from a non-network activated plugin.

    So here’s the code from the mobile plugin for the action I want to remove:
    function mobile_init() {...

    And here is the code I am trying to use in another network-activated plugin that runs when the value in the options table is set to not use the mobile plugin:

    Again, this works great when I put it inside a non-network-activated plugin. Maybe there’s a better way to do this other than calling the remove_action() function. I have spent some time now looking for a solution and haven’t come up with one yet. (And no, making the mobile plugin non-network-activated is not an option.)

    Thanks in advanced to anyone who can help!


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