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  • I am trying to remove all feeds from a site. There should be no access to it without directly visiting.

    To that end, per instructions I found here, I removed:


    From the main directory in which WP is installed.

    Yet, when I click the Entries RSS link from the blog, there’s still a feed. And setting the feed to show the last 0 entries in the Manage screen doesn’t work, as it will automatically default back to 1.

    I don’t want a feed at all, with any number of entries.

    Clearly something else needs to be removed, but what?

    I know people are in love with feeds and are loathe to help someone disable them in a WP install, but this is for content which needs to have controlled access, and therefore feeds are inappropriate.

    I need a definitive answer which solves this problem conclusively.

    Limited access to the site in question can be given to someone who has the ability to help.

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  • remove the feed-rss2-comments.php file as well.

    Where does a file entitled feed-rss2-comments.php reside?

    in your wp-content folder.

    Hmm, I see multiple feed-*.php files in my wp-includes folder. I had deleted those previously and it borked the entire install and I had to reupload all those files. Why would feed-rss2-comments.php need to be deleted and not feed-atom-comments.php, feed-atom.php, feed-rdf.php, etc. etc.?

    I haven’t tried it, I just saw that wasn’t on the list you gave, if it killed your site the first time then don’t remove it.

    If you need controlled access why not setup directory authentication and then it doesn’t matter if the feeds are there or not.

    I asked how to remove feeds, that’s all. I need an answer here, not spitballing.

    Calm down…
    Wait patiently and, eventually, you will get an answer. Stop demanding! All the helpers are volunteers – so say thank you and behave!

    I’m entirely calm, but I asked about removing feeds and said that I needed a definitive answer, not guesses, and certainly not suggestions to do other things that obviously will not serve my needs.

    I haven’t demanded anything, but my question was explicit, and I don’t need a runaround, I need something that actually works and does what I need to do. I’m not going to say thank you for useless non-help.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Dreama: The people here are volunteers. Being a complete jackass to them won’t get you any help any faster. It’s more likely to get you ignored or possibly banned. So be civil.

    There is no way, by default, to turn off RSS feeds. However, removing “feed-*.php” from wp-includes will do the trick. Do not remove “feed.php”, just the feed-whatever.php files. This will not break your install, just the feeds. Removing “feed.php” itself will break your install, so don’t do that.

    How is it being a jackass to say I don’t need guesses, I need answers? I can guess all day long on my own. There’s no point in answering a question if you’re just as unsure as the person asking it, especially when the asker is explicit that they need a sure fix.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Dreama: Demanding an answer now and getting snarky when other people ask for more information is indeed being a jackass.

    Quite often, people on these forums pose a question like yours, and then when they get an answer, come back with another question, and another, and another, and essentially make their own lives very difficult. When, if they’d simply said what they wanted to do in very general terms, we could have told them the easiest way. Instead, they ask about very specific pieces of what they thought they wanted, only to find that it doesn’t work well that way.

    WordPress can do a lot of things, but often it’s best to do things a certain way. You say that you want to limit access, but talk about turning off feeds. A question about why don’t you use directory authentication and other actually correct ways to limit access is not out of line, and it doesn’t call for you to say that he’s “spitballing”, whatever the hell that means…

    If you want sure answers and want to “do it your way” at any cost, then I suggest getting on the wp-pro mailing list and hiring assistance. These are support and discussion forums, and telling people that you don’t want discussion is a very good reason to not be here.

    I didn’t demand an answer “now” in any response. I was given guesses, and when it was finally admitted that they were guesses, I was given an alternative that I never asked for.

    “Actually correct” is a matter of opinion. I don’t need to limit access to that extent, I do need to eliminate feeds. If I wanted to password lock the directory, I would’ve done so. It seems fairly jackassish to me to presume that you or anyone knows better what would work for me in my situation than I do. The question I asked has a specific answer, and “why don’t you do something else entirely” isn’t it. No one asked me for more information, they second-guessed me. If I wanted some other “solution” my question would not have been so specifically worded.

    But if you’re inclined to take offense when someone says “please tell me the correct way to do X” and you don’t and instead suggest Y when they’ve said they only want to know about X, then I guess you’re so inclined.

    Oh, and spitballing = throwing possible solutions at something until it something sticks. In other words, guessing. If you know how to do something, you don’t have to do that.

    Oh, and the only solid solution is to add:

    if (is_feed() ) {


    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    The solution I gave (delete the feed-* files) works just as well. I just tested it, works fine here.

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