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  • I’m not sure I’m right here – I’ve got the problem, that removing/adding an action inside the_content is not working.

    Basically, I want to remove the action made by the download monitor plugin
    through the functions.php on all sites BUT the downloads site itself.

    If I add

    if (!is_page(‘9335’)){

    to my functions.php,
    nothing is working anymore at all – it is removed also from id 9335.

    How can I solve this? This is not plugin specific – it doesn’t matter which plugin it is that I want to remove the actions from.

    if (is_page(‘9335)) { ?>
    <? }

    does display a blablabla anywhere if I add it to my page.php file or to the header.php on that single site. So the is_page IS being recognized, just not, as it seems, INSIDE the the_content() part.

    Can you please help?
    Thank you, Martina.

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