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  • I am trying another theme. Desk Mess Mirrored

    On the sidebar, below catagories is the word META and a list.

    I don’t want this to appear. I have tried dragging the word Meta off the way I’ve removed other sidebar things. I can’t seem to remove it.

    Many thanks for your attention.


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  • You may need to edit your sidebar.php template file. Or try adding a text widget and see if that removes all of the default sidebar content. You can then add other widgets to the sidebar as needed.

    Dear Esmi,

    I have tried to drag the meta list off and I’m not having any luck.

    I’m not sure “exactly” what code to remove when I go into Editor, sidebar php template file.



    See if this will help you to get the Meta widget moved off the sidebar:

    From your WP admin dashboard, temporarily revert back to the default theme. Then go back to the widget area to move the Meta widget into the non-active widget area. Once you have it moved over there, then go back in and select the theme you desire. That might get the widget unstuck. I had a theme that had a bug in it with one of the widgets, and that might be the case with the one you have. So, if you revert back to the default theme, then it might work out the problem.

    I followed your instructions. It did not work. I’ve switched to another templaete and it appears to be working now. I’m

    I am soooo over my head in WordPress. I read all the endless help files and I just get a headache! I don’t get any smarter. I just get a headache. 🙁


    I am soooo over my head in WordPress.

    Hi Maudie,

    I was wondering if it was a template issue, since I ran into the same problem with one of the templates I tried. Even though it was supposed to be compatible with the newest version of WP, it just wasn’t the case.

    For someone who is feeling over their head in WordPress, you’re off to a good start! Your template is fun, and your blog is looking good! How about giving the pretty permalinks a go? It will be better for your blog in the long run for seo. I also looked for a ‘contact’ form or ‘contact’ mailto link from your blog, but didn’t see one. It’s always good to add one of those to your blog too. Have fun with your WordPress blog – you’re probably doing better than you think. 🙂

    Thank you for the encouragement.

    Permalinks? Hmmm? I’ll have to look into that. I don’t even know what they are … but if you think it’s something I should have … well, I want it!

    I’ll also figure out how to leave a ‘contact’ spot.

    As you can see, I did a flurry of “stuff” on this blog a long time ago and then my creative juices dried up. I just want to keep it … because I get a kick out of it and people actually do read my stuff every so often. I still haven’t figured out how to get rid of all the dates. I don’t need or want most of those dates.

    I should try to learn how to work with the catagories and do the parent and children thing, or whatever the heck they call it.

    Thanks again.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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