• Heya

    I’m running a 2 colume blog, main content and sidebar.
    When i use the “share buttons” then it removes the color of the sidebar and make it all white.

    my site is http://www.david-sylvest.dk
    You can it happens on every page, when i activate the plugin. – It’s activated right now, go see for your self 🙂
    You can see the gray color a second after the pageload and then the websites “blinks” and then its all white.

    I really do however love the plugin! – great work!

    Best regards


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  • After spending alot of time (i’m not that great at coding) then i figured out i got a line of code after my content div (#content) that looks like this “::before” that code is what is getting removed with the plugin. The sidebar seems to be split into 2 divs, The upper one is just missing CSS but the lower on is just gona. and that code comes from the “::before”

    I might be wrong here, but thats how it all made sense to me after a ton of testing and toying around. Does it make any sense?

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