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  • I’m furious. Just spend an hour debugging Bookly with the premium Pro Add-on. Apparently, somewhere between the MINOR version updates from 16.1 to 16.4, Bookly chose to REMOVE the existing, and used, CUSTOM FIELDS feature, and move it to yet another Premium Add-on. With NO notice at all. Only noticed it after thorough testing, backup rollbacks, and diving in to the settings of the version 16.1 and 16.4 features.

    Really, Bookly?

    When you choose to REMOVE EXISTING FEATUERS FROM PAYING CUSTOMERS, at least give them a WARNING during the update. Like “We’ve noticed you are using the Custom Fields feature – this feature is no longer available within your license” – or something.

    Just crippling premium software during what appears to be a maintanince update, is completely unacceptable.

    This it not the first time Bookly pulled stunts like this, and my patience is done with.

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    Hello Bjarne,

    Please be advised that we never remove existing features from the default paid version but keep enhancing the plugin’s functionality by adding new features to Bookly. Some features were released as add-ons more than a year ago but all customers who bought Bookly before this, retained purchased functionality with no additional charge. Probably you’ve been trying to update Bookly using FTP or there’s is another issue but please don’t worry – all functionality that you used before should be available in your configuration and you don’t need to purchase Custom Fields add-on additionally. You can contact us via and our support team will do its best to assist you. We recommend to check the validity of your support pack first as we follow Envato Item Support Policy and are not able to provide support to users with invalid support pack. Thank you!

    Yep.. no notice of changes to the plugin.. ALL my client’s sites just lost all their custom fields POOF!!!

    And CS is non-existent -“EMAIL ONLY” policy for support means you just put a bullet in your product—-.. death of your product soon to follow.. looking for a new solution now

    Plugin Author Bookly


    Hello. We’re sorry that you experience issues with Bookly and will be happy to help to resolve them. As we’ve told earlier – we never remove any functionality from existing users. Please reach out to us via and we’ll do our best to fix your issues asap.

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    Update feb 2019

    Today I updated from 16.1 to 17.0, and the now paid add-on Custom Fields was activated after the update – so somewhere between 16.4 and 17.0, that issues was fixed (although ladela denied this issue all the time).

    But I was not dreaming – my backup/restore works fine, and I was able to reproduce this issue several times months ago.

    That leaves me with a) an updated and seemingly still working bookly experience – which is nice, and b) a flaky trust in ladelas customer support and software maintenance strategy.

    Bookly Pro paid add-ons now count – hold on – forty-one… That’s not necessarily a bad thing – many features, but surely something to keep in mind. Be prepared to pay a separate fee for every option imaginable.

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    Thanks for your message.

    And sorry if your experience is not at par with the expectations.

    Although some features were released as add-ons more than a year ago, we have never removed existing features from the default paid version but keep enhancing the plugin’s functionality. So all customers who bought Bookly before those features were released as add-ons retained purchased functionality with no additional charge.

    The decision of releasing some functionality as add-ons was a part of a long term policy, and was made after a careful analysis which showed features used by less than 30% of our customers. We believe that the default configuration fulfills the majority of our customers’ needs, and a comprehensive collection of paid plugins can meet any special requirements. This is in order not to overload the default version and each user chooses what features suit best for them and buy only those which are needed for their business. We clearly state on our CodeCanyon page (Bookly Pro description) which features are included into the default Bookly configuration and which of them require add-ons.

    We have encountered many cases that users install the updated plugin from CodeCanyon which is designated for new licenses, hence, these users have missing features. That’s why we strongly recommend that updating of the plugin is done in WordPress in order not to lose anything that their license contains.

    Nevertheless, we work with users with a valid support pack as we abide by the Envato Item Support Policy, who report to us that a feature is missing after an update done via CodeCanyon, and do everything that we can to restore the functionality.

    Please know that we value you as our customer and your concern is important to us. We are usually pretty responsive, despite getting snowed in at times with support requests or complex issues that require in-depth troubleshooting. We strive hard to do right by our customers. So if something breaks after an update, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll sort it out together.

    Many thanks,
    Bookly Support

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