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    is there any way to ‘remove’ the insert table button in the MCE editor area..because now all my site users/levels can see my tables..

    ‘Plugin Access’ and ‘Plugin Options Access’ options are not enough to take care of this..these are only for backend table access and options access

    I would not like to show my contributors or authors any MCE button..cause when they click on it they can see my tables and their names short code insertion – though they can’t edit or access them..

    so I think that button visibility option should also be there..I hope Tobias answers this one..cause I was also reading how a request about a year ago made tobias add the MCE button option..guess he didnt see this coming..

    any suggestions anyone….

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  • Plugin Author TobiasBg



    thanks for your post.

    You are correct, all users will see the “Table” button in the post/page editor.

    The button is a way of making it easier for a user to insert a table into a post, because he does not have to deal with Shortcodes.
    However, the button does not restrict him from using the Shortcode.
    So, even if a user would not see the “Table” button in the toolbar, he could still manually insert the [table] Shortcode and try every ID he wants.
    Thus, restricting access to the button does not have any use, in my opinion.

    Due to that, I don’t think that adding another option for this (like “Table button access”) is a good idea, because it only makes the settings more difficult for most users of the plugin, while the gained advantage is minimal (if existing at all), as I described.

    The problem to which this boils down is, that every user who can create a post can insert any Shortcode, so that would be where a solution would be needed. Unfortunately, I don’t really see, how that could look like right now 🙁

    Now, if you really want to hide the button, you could manually remove it (for all user levels though), by removing the files “admin-editor-buttons-script.js”, “”, “”, and “admin-tinymce-buttons-script.js” in the “admin” subfolder of the “wp-table-reloaded” directory. (Remember that you will have to do this after each plugin update.)


    Thanks for your quick response..Tobias..
    wp-table reloaded is a great plugin…

    I liked your inputs..and i tried the last options of removing the script files as suggested by you..It worked like a charm..but yea i would have to do it each time…the plugin updates..

    i wonder if such ability to auto disable it can be incorporated as a check box..if not for different user you said that mite be tough for you at this stage..


    Also after hours of searching i discovered a Tiny MCE Advanced Plugin which helps me to choose the buttons i want to display on the editor..
    it helps me to remove the the ‘page break’ editor button option (which i personally feel is irrelevant for my site contributors) and also helped me to remove the kitchen sink..options as well..

    Though it doesn’t give me an option to choose buttons for different user levels..but i decided to use it anyway..
    I wonder if the tiny MCE advanced author can include such an option in future versions..or if i am missing something they can guide me on the plugin’s usage…

    Plugin Author TobiasBg



    thanks for your response, and for confirming that removing those js files worked. (As plugin updates for WP-Table Reloaded usually don’t come out very often, you won’t have to re-do this too often.)

    Adding a checkbox is in my opinion not a good idea, because, as I mentioned, it just makes the settings more complicated for the average user. See, you are so far the only person with this question, so the checkbox won’t be helpful to the majority of users.
    I’ll think about adding a plugin filter hook for this in the code, but due to limited time, this likely won’t be included in the next couple weeks.

    Best wishes,

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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