• Resolved wpwd2016


    There was way too many issues popping up using this plugin.

    • Text size changed automatically
    • Elements did not respond well
    • CSS standards not followed
    • Plugin CSS changing elements in preview window circumventing adjustments of elements and text
    • Widgets not retaining settings and loosing them, even after being saved
    • Having to repeat settings to previous elements/widgets because they were automatically altered or reset by the plugin
    • Plugin automatically adding black background color to rows or columns when that was not set by me
    • Poor mobile/responsive functionality in the editor, I had to go to Custom CSS for the body of the page to over-ride plugin errors. — Hint: use Elementor to understand how well their editor responsiveness works.

    I stopped counting after the above and decided that this plugin needs to go back to the drawing board. You have a good concept here, but currently it is poorly built and coded.

    I cannot spend so much time fixing your errors to make a stable decent landing page. So I removed this plugin and will go with something else.

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