• This plugin used to be great. Now it forces you off your website and onto CookieYes’s own website where half the amazing functionality that used to exist is no longer available.

    For example, you used to be able to use the Cookie Categories page to add script to the <head> or <body> which would then be disabled if the user withdrew permission for that category.

    Now, even if users tick ‘no’ for Analytics cookies, they still get loaded. So the plugin is completely ineffectual and non compliant (because users are served cookies despite saying ‘no’)

    I wish the developers hadn’t forced us onto this update – it’s completely spoiled what used to be an amazing plugin.

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  • Plugin Author webtoffee


    Hello, @timgroves

    We are excited to help you!

    We have tried to keep all the old plugin features in the new version to the best possible extend. We do not force users to connect to the Web app. It is completely optional. We have tried to keep almost all features (except some shortcodes considering compatibility issues). We are still working on how to get this back based on the feedback we have received.

    We removed the feature to add scripts because WordPress plugin review team send us a notice saying “We no longer allow plugins to put in arbitrary CSS and JS specifically because of HOW HARD it is to sanitize properly. If you cannot do that, then you must REMOVE this feature for new users, and document the DANGERS for existing ones”.

    This means you need to add scripts directly to the webpages. But you can block these scripts prior to consent using Cookie Manager->Add Cookie-> Advanced settings. You just need to add the pattern that identifies the script to ‘Script URL Pattern’.

    This feature is available for websites that are not connected to CookieYes web app.

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