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  • Does anyone know how I can remove the Yahoo Small business header from the admin page?

    I am working on a blog that allows anyone to publish. When a user registers and logs in, then goes to the admin page to create a post, the “Yahoo Small Business” header appears at the top of the page above the rest of the WordPress Admin stuff. I’d like to remove this, since I think it looks unprofessional for a user to see that, but I can’t find where this is added anywhere in the wordpress php.

    Thanks in advance…

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  • Isn’t this a question you should ask from Yahoo? I guess you are posting in the wrong forum…

    The reason that I am asking here is that the Yahoo header seems to be embedded in a WordPress file somewhere. I figured there might be someone here who has encountered that code before. A community like this one is also a lot more likely to be useful and responsive than Yahoo support is going to be, particularly since it involves the removal of their logo. 😉

    Uh, it’s not from WordPress.

    You’re likely viewing a page either embedded in some frame or automatically has ads injected into the page. If there’s a legitimate reason to remove it (i.e: it shouldn’t be there) I highly doubt Yahoo would be unresponsive. Have you checked your Yahoo hosting documentation?

    My best guess is that by agreeing to the TOS when you buy into yahoo hosting, you allow them to do whatthehellever they please on your blog.

    How about thinking twice or three times next time? And read the “fine teensy infinitesimal” fine print.

    The Yahoo header is a plugin that is installed with WordPress when you use Yahoo’s auto-install. Find the file in the plugins folder and delete it — this will delete the banner. As far as I know, deleteing it does not violate any of Yahoo’s TOS.

    Hopefully next time you post a question to the WP forums, only those with helpful answers will respond.

    Now that WP and Yahoo are planning on “teaming up,” the forum will see a lot more of these questions, so it might behoove everyone to humor the people who are seeking advice here. Yahoo claims not to support WP, and you all are claiming not to support Yahoo, so there really is nowhere for someone with questions to go, now is there.

    Please, if you don’t have a legitimate answer for a question, don’t post a snide comment.

    *shrug* You’re entitled to your opinion. So am I. yahoo wouldn’t put ads there if they routinely expected them to be deleted and didn’t have a problem with that.

    What good in an “ad” when it can only be seen from the administrator’s back-end access. Surely the blog’s administrator already knows that they are using Yahoo to host their own blog?

    If the OP is cocerned about Yahoo’s TOS then he/she can always uninstall yahoo’s buggy-as-hell butchered version of WP and re-install the software on their own. Just copy your database (make a backup) and then re-import it into the new install.

    Meh. If anyone’s interested, I think the file is ywhmast.php in your plugins directory.



    We actually ended up adding the Yahoo! Small Business masthead in the WordPress management interface at the request of early alpha testers. They said that going from the Yahoo! Web Hosting control panel to the WordPress management interface was a disjointed experience. They suggested having some Yahoo! branding in the WordPress management interface would make it clear that this was all part of the same offering. Feel free to yank the plugin if it bothers you – we won’t be offended, and it’s most definitely not an ad.



    I would suggest deactivating the plugin first before “yanking” it.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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