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  • I am on a mission, to remove wp- from the url’s of wordpress. Considering the hundreds of files that make of the wordpress core and each of them probably have at least one reference to a file or folder starting with wp-, its no easy task.

    I started by making a program I point it to the wordpress files on my local computer and it goes though and it changes reference from wp-login.php to login.php, ect. Then it actually renames the appropriate files to then be ftp’d to the server.

    In testing I uploaded it to the development server here at work but quickly found an issue. I think my program got the encoding wrong when rewriting the files, everything was changed but all sorts of weird errors emerged and according to what I could find its either extra whitespace which should be there, and I couldn’t find, or encoding.

    Any recommendations on how to remove wp- from everything, the wordpress branding is a tad too strong for the company I am with and they want to tone it down a bit since wordpress is gpl that can be done.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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