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    I have scoured Google and it appears no one is asking this question.

    My WordPress site changes completely depending on the size of the browser. I am trying to disable this function and just keep the site exactly the same size no matter what browser.

    I have no idea how to code a responsive design so at the moment the site gets completely butchered. I’ve tried deleting all this @media stuff but that seems to change nothing.

    Any help here would be hugely appreciated.



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    I have no idea how to code a responsive design so at the moment the site gets completely butchered.

    Responsive means the site design resizes according to the browser window; best thing to do is look for a non-responsive theme:

    I’ve coded my site and styled it from the twentyeleven theme. How do I scrap the responsive browser size stuff – it’s just wrecking the site on anything mobile :S

    what is the url for the site?

    Really the only thing you need to do is set a set width…
    Since you are working with 2011 (I presume you’re not directly editing 2011, but rather a custom named theme or a child theme) all you need to adjust is:

    #page {
    	margin: 2em auto;
    	max-width: 1000px;

    and change it to

    #page {
    	margin: 2em auto;
    	width: 1000px;

    or whatever width you need

    Thanks Voodoo,

    That’s sorted everything – brilliant!!

    Excellent, I’m glad that worked out for you!!

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    Interesting. I guess the max-width call is one of the basics of making a theme responsive?

    Yep, that allows for the flexibility … up to the setpoint

    SO with max-width 1000, 2011 can be any width, but stops at 1000px

    that allows for all the percentage based flexibility to adapt.

    But taking out that max width and changing it to a fixed width sets the display to be inflexible. The percentages still hold true, keeping the appropriate proportions that 2011 was designed for (at 1000px), just nothing adapts, and the media queries won’t happen anymore as there is a set width, we aren’t allowing a smaller display.

    Taking this max-width out was a seriously positive step. I think websites are perfectly navigable at full size and don’t need the width adjusted for mobiles and tablets. I’m sure a highly experienced coder would be able to make something pretty spectacular but for the average webmaster this just gets in the way.

    Thanks again for clearing this up and teaching me a thing or two along the way 😉

    I am using a genesis theme and need to remove the option of the responsive layout. Not really sure how to do it though?

    I couldn’t find max-width anywhere in the child theme stylesheet?

    THank you,

    I’m sorry but as you are using a commercial theme, you need to seek support from the theme’s vendors.

    I’m trying there too, but thank you anyway!

    same for Genesis Framework..

    #wrap {width:960px;}

    and remove all viewport css.

    note: Do this on child theme.

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