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  • Please can some one help, im looking to remove the white space above the content of my pages where i originally had the page title. The site is below. it looks jank with that massive white space above the image i have used.

    Thanking you in advance

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  • Hi,

    1) I see an empty paragraph.

    2) I see a padding of 1.625em around most of your divs.

    Use Firebug to go through your HTML/CSS.

    @ashley — in addition to removing the extra paragraph, try adding this to your CSS code:

    .entry-title, .entry-title a {
        display: none;
    .entry-content, .entry-summary {
        padding: 0;

    Sorry guys im new to this stuff, you will be pleased to know i am in the process of booking a crash course to learn it. So i have downloaded firebug but not too sure what im doing with it.

    Are the extra paragraphs <div> i can see them on firebug but not in my editor.

    @wpyogi is this in the style.css page about line 1067!?

    Your help is much appreciated and please bear with me i will get there in the end….. i hope 😉


    Okay, no problem. Before you do anything, make a Child Theme — just take it one step at a time using this:

    That way, changes you make to your site won’t get overwritten and lost when WP is updated. One you have that set up, you’ll have a new style.css file (empty of styles) in the child theme — so copy the code I posted above to that file.

    The paragraph tags may just be an extra “return” in the editor. Or look in the html editor for the tags.

    Ok cool so i have created child theme, when i activate it i loose the header image. I guess i need to bring a few more folders into my child theme. To keep this image im guessing it needs header.php. am i on the right track!!

    If you modified the header.php file, yes, move that version into the child theme.

    ok wicked its sorted, i think your code has moved the text up slightly, however it would look good if i could have the sidebar image in line with the image i have created for the text.

    p.s thank you for all your help so far especially with the child theme i was always worried about ruining all my work by messing up HTML coding.

    You’re welcome, and yes, that’s another good reason to use a child theme — if you much it up too much, you can just toss the child theme file and you’re back on track.

    So far as the alignment, I’m not totally sure what you want to do, but you can move the main content div up and down by adding/adjusting a top margin here:

    .entry-content, .entry-summary {
        margin-top: 10px;

    Thank you, it has been sorted and my client is happy. Out of interest ( i have no idea of your background) but how much do you think a site like this would cost.

    i have done everything from scratch including graphics and design to google site map submissions, search engine registration and SEO meta keywords bits that should bring it to the top of page one for my customers chosen keywords.


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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