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  1. iliveisl
    Posted 7 years ago #

    i love P2, but (and prob not in the spirit of p2) is there a way to remove Watcha Doing and Recent updates? I am no good at CSS, i saw where you can change the words "watcha doing" but not sure what to comment out

    plus, i'd love to add a header image, lightweight as the blog title, just point to the css and i'll thrash it, i mean try it!

    thank you, it is a lovely theme and incredibly efficient too :)

  2. ToreGu
    Posted 7 years ago #


    You can edit this in index.php in the P2-theme directory.

    <h2><?php _e( 'Recent Updates' , 'p2'); ?> <?php if ( $paged > 1 ) printf( __('Page %s', 'p2'), $paged ); ?>

    There you can edit "Recent Updates".

    In post-form.php you can edit Whatcha up to?:

    '<label for="posttext"><?php printf( __('Hi, %s. Whatcha up to?', 'p2'), wp_specialchars( $name ) ) ?></label>'

    About editing the header image. I'm not sure since I didn't find it in the header.php. It should be there somewhere. You can also find the CSS very easily with Firebug for Firefox.


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