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    It seems that the two of the suggested codes work, because I see error msgs from other plugins that rely on multisite’s file upload issue. Yet, when I upload a media file, in the path, there is ‘uploads/sites/xx/filename/’

    I am running the code snippet at the network level as well as subsite level. In all cases, the image path is not converted.

    Moderator bcworkz


    If migration caused existing media paths in post content to be inappropriately altered, you can use the “Better Search and Replace” plugin to find the offending paths and replace with the correct paths.

    That does not help with new uploads. I’m not sure how using a remote media server works on your site since normally all media uploads are kept within the WP installation. The related code likely needs correction. I know you can alter upload locations using ‘pre_move_uploaded_file’ and ‘wp_handle_upload’ filters. But that is for the default upload process.

    should I add it other core phop files?

    No! I know you see this as a last resort, but don’t even think about it as a last resort. It’s never a good idea under any circumstance.

    Thread Starter Keith


    I manually changed wrong url strucures in DB. The issue is wordpress’s multisite media file control. I had a quick look over those two functions, and it doesn’t seem that I can handle the problem smoothly, if you think above example codes are not right.

    In fact, I gave up. I will just chnage the folder structure in S3. The more I resist, the more I waste.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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