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    I have installed wordpress and installed twenty twelve theme, some one here asked me to create child theme of that theme fro customization, I did that
    the problem is that I don’t know code much(Beginner coder), I just want to remove that background space from top of the theme (above from logo).and also from the footer
    I want to add a menu up there above logo(secondary menu)
    Please ehlp me
    this is my blog
    Blogging Game

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  • Hi Hamid,

    Let me start with the ‘bad news’: The Twenty Twelve theme supports only ONE menu. Since you want two or more, it is best to select another theme.

    There are many free, good working, alternatives available that do support more menus.
    == == ==
    Here some hints, tips and tricks to help you make a good start…
    == == ==
    When you have selected and installed a new theme, make sure you create a new childtheme for that theme.

    Make changes to styling and php-files in the folder and files of the childtheme.
    > Copy php files / css-file(s) of the original theme [as required] to the childtheme directory and edit them as required.
    == == ==
    About finding out ‘which things to change in your site [css / html / php]

    Well it’s all a bit like trying to solve a puzzle.
    Fortunately there are good tools for that.
    In your browser: Install / activate webdevelopment add-ons / plugins.

    Recommended: ‘Firebug’ and ‘webdeveloper’ by
    These tools will show you ‘what’s what’.
    e.g. right-click > inspect elements > click left bottom arrow-icon
    click item in webpage
    Inspect css on the right
    alter css values to test effect / result
    OK? copy altered css rule
    paste it in the style.css of your childtheme.

    Press <F12> a screen will show in the bottom.
    Move the mouse over each line
    The area shows in the top-half
    Press + to unfold parts
    Investigate and alter on the right etc.
    paste it in the style.css of your childtheme.
    == == ==
    ALWAYS Make a backup of your site, before making any changes!!

    1. Use FTP to access / backup the files of your site and it’s childtheme.
    2. Make sure to also backup your database.
    3. Use NOTEPAD++ or proper EDITOR [not wordprosessor] to edit css and php.

    == == ==
    No matter what, you’ll need a few basic skills to setup, create and manage a site.

    • Basic computerskills: You should be / URGENTLY become confident at creating folders, downloading and installing files, copy-paste, basic editing, saving and renaming files, making back-ups
    • You should definetly be / become confident at using FTP to upload and download files to your webserver
    • You should be / become confident at reading and following manuals/instructions
    • learn the basics of HTML
    • learn the basics of CSS
    • learn about wordpress

    check out:
    All this should NOT stop you from enjoying and using WP!
    If ‘all the technical stuff’ you feel is ‘way over your head’, and you would rather focus on the content, your readers etc. GREAT!

    Get someone who LOVES the ‘nuts and bolts’ to help you set things up.
    It might cost you a few bucks, but will allow you to do what YOU are best at…

    thanks for your reply
    I will sure change the theme
    I Strongly say that should create at least one theme which should support two menus
    BTW thanks for helping me out

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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