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    I love your awesome plugin, and I start to use on my every website. Everything is perfect, bu I have some question about google pages insight.

    When I activate Combine and inline CSS, there is some comment and i want to remove and display only inline css code and google say i need to remove that comment from css. Here sis example:

    /*! /wp-content/cache/asset-cleanup/css/item/avia-grid-v2019-b1143bfd291eb25058084324f4bf0a91524731f0.css */
    /*! /wp-content/themes/display/css/grid.css */html{min-width:910px}html.responsive{min-width:0}.boxed#top

    Source: wp-content/cache/asset-cleanup/css/head-0a2112247c7f75e616baf4a0f447501a45254d.css


    When I remove manually comments through FTP, google show me again the same error. How to fix that problem?

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  • Plugin Author Gabe Livan


    @evilmc I’m glad you find the plugin useful! Those comments are showing up the original path to the file that was minified/combined. In future versions of Asset CleanUp, there will be an option to strip them. They are good for debugging, especially when you want to locate a specific file. They do not have an impact on page load really, though GTmetrix might sometimes report 99/100 score (instead of 100) because of the comments. I know, not fantastic for those who seek the maximum score, even though it makes no difference in the page load. The minify that is used by Asset CleanUp keeps the comments that begin with /*! as they are usually copyright ones or important comments to keep. However, some minify tools strip them too on request and there will be an option in future versions to strip the Asset CleanUp comment with the path to the CSS/JS files.

    When I remove manually comments through FTP, google show me again the same error. How to fix that problem?

    Definitely, removing those comments won’t make any difference in the “Remove Unused CSS” PageSpeed score. Asset CleanUp partially solves this problem. For instance, you have 20 CSS files that you load on your homepage, but you need only 12 of them. You unload the other 8 and you improved the “Remove Unused CSS” score considerably. However, in the remaining 12 files there is CSS that might be not be used (very likely as the CSS is for the whole website) on the page you’re testing the score and Google PageSpeed will report that. You might use 80% of the CSS in one file, 60% in the other one, etc. But you need to load the whole files (remaining 12) to avoid breaking anything. Asset CleanUp doesn’t deal with parts of CSS within needed files, at least at this time. Things are considered to improve this as well, though it’s not that easy.

    Let me know if that was clear and if I can further assist you at your earliest convenience! Good luck in getting the best user experience in terms of page load!

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