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    Hi there.

    So I apologise in advance as I am very new to ACF and while I have more or less managed to get my head around it and set up some of my fields, I am struggling to understand this plugin.

    I assume I must be missing something because there is no documentation on it but my questions are:

    Am I correct that the client will always see BOTH the ACF fields on each page and the VC block with the ACF icon? So if there is say 15 page layout options, ALL of these will show, regardless of wether they have used them on the page via VC?

    When I selected the field from the ACF-VC dropdown I was expecting something to happen like the ACF options appeared under the dropdown OR the ACF fields only become visible at the top/bottom of the page once I had placed the element.

    I think flexible content is what I need to learn in more depth (also very hard to find resources on) – but I just wanted to check the above things. Sorry if I’m being a muppet.

    Secondly – is there a way to limit the dropdowns to only the ones available for that page. For example, one of my fields is only available for the homepage but still appears in the dropdown on all the other pages.

    Lastly – is there any more information about the hook settings?

    Thanks for your time and this plugin.


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  • Plugin Author Frederik Rosendahl-Kaa


    Hi @shereewalker,
    I know it’s not helpful but the documentation is on my to-do list.
    And there is no need to apologize 🙂

    I’ve read what you write through a few times, not quite sure I understand it.
    But the ACF fields themselves will always be shown backend when made available on a post/page.

    What this plugin does is that you can insert an element in Wpbakery Page Builder that takes the information that you have written in the ACF fields and the output on the frontend without the need to code.
    There are then some different hooks available for each field type that allow you to change the display on the frontend if you are not happy with it as it does by default.

    Can see you write about the VC block with ACF icon on.
    This plugin makes a block/element available called “ACF-VC Integrator” which uses the icon you can see here at wordpress.org
    This plugin has nothing to do with the block with ACF icon on 🙂

    ( Secondly ). Unfortunately, as the plugin works right now, you cannot limit the dropdown of fields to only those that belong to that page.
    But I write it on my to-do list so it may be an option in the future.

    ( Lastly ). Right now there is no more information on those hooks, but do not know if you have looked on the page “settings -> ACF-VC Integrator -> Hooks”, there is not much on the page beyond what hooks are available.
    But that is part of the documentation that I haven’t started yet.

    Hope it made some sense and answers to those questions.
    If you still have questions then you should be more in welcome to try explain it to me again.

    Best regards

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