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  • When looking at a single blog posting by going through the categories or archives I see the topic titles (as link) from the posting before and after the one I am reading right on top of the current posting headline.

    How can those be removed? It looks confusing seeing 3 headlines (2 small as links + the current one) so close together.


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  • The simplest way to do this is to look in the directory of the theme you selected, which is in wp-content/themes/yourtheme, where you should replace “yourtheme” with the theme you selected (probably default?).

    Now there are two ways; the first way is a really quick hack;

    with your favourite text-editor, edit style.css, and near the bottom of the file you should see “.navigation” with style rules between curly braces after it. Replace the word “block” with “none”. That way the navigation links will still be there, but they will be invisible.

    If you want a more drastic approach, edit “single.php”, and remove the entire <div class="navigation"> ...</div> section.

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