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  • Hi there.

    This plugin could be perfect as a way to allow readers to “like” comments by other users just like in (have been hoping for that function as a plugin in for a long time.)…

    But: when the button is clicked/”liked”, then it changes the thumbs up to a thumbs down, or the heart to a broken heart (depending on theme).

    I understand that technically the signal makes sense to the developer – it shows that if you click the button again you’ll dislike / regret your like, right, but it isn’t good as a social signal. It is a negative signal and likely to confuse people. If just that little shift can be removed, then it would be perfect.

    So: does anyone know how to edit that out from the code, or change it in some other way? (I’ve tried everything in Ulike Settings).

    Or would the developer consider to make it a possibility to turn the shift OFF in the settings?


    The button is grey until a user clicks it. When clicked, it turns red (if heart) or green (if thumbs up), depending on the theme. If the user regrets and clicks the button again (=unlike), then it just turns grey again. Done. Simpler and better.

    I find the “dislike” function unnecessary, and would prefer if it was optional. If it has to be there, it could be a separate button. Alternatively, it could be the same system as now but with the dislike part and shift optional in the settings.

    Does anyone know if there is an easy way to make it like that?

    Thanks in advance.


    (In case you’re checking it out on my blog: I have currently deactivated the plugin for the reasons mentioned above, so better check it out somewhere else)

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  • I finally figured out how to do this! Grab a screenshot of the Thumbs Up icon, save to your computer. Now access the WP ULike Settings page. Find “Button Icon (Unlike)” then click Select Button Icon. Upload the saved Thumbs Up icon here. Now every time someone clicks to like they’ll simply again see a Thumbs UP icon rather than a Thumbs Down.

    That was driving me nuts. I hope this helps some of you as well.


    Hi Therese,

    Thank you, that was a very useful idea … I actually just made my own icon and uploaded the same one as both like and unlike button.

    I feel I should have thought about that myself a bit earlier:-)

    Sorry for the slow reply, I moved host so I put it on hold for a while.

    Plugin Author Alimir


    Thanks Anna & WU Admin and sorry for my delay. (I had working on my final thesis)
    Yes you can change the icons in the general options area. Also I’m agree with you Anna and I will change the icons in the next version 🙂

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