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  • I know there are many posts out there regarding this same issue, but I can’t find a solution that applies to this specific theme.

    I’d like to keep the thumbnail of the featured image displayed on pages, but do not want want them to display in posts.

    I believe the code that controls this is found in the content-thumbnail.php template. Commenting out the entire section removes the thumbnail from both the page and post.

    I’m not familiar with CSS enough to know which line to edit or remove so that the thumbnail only displays in the page.

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  • hello!

    I did find a solution to your problem. Since you know the location of the content-thumbnail.php page already it will be easy for you.
    On line number 17 or relevant to line number 17 you can find an if condtion there like <?php if ( is_single() or is_page() ) : ?>
    If you want the image to be displayed while you are viewing detail of a post(single.php) then don’t make any changes there but if you dont want post image any where you can remove the is_single() or part. Remember to delete the or.

    The main part comes here. On line 18 you can see <?php else: ?> remove the line and 4 line of code till the <?php endif; ?> but don’t delete the <?php endif; ?> that should do the trick.

    Please read carefully, and if you have any query please reply
    Thankyou 🙂

    Thanks for the response! Your instructions are perfectly clear, and the code I’m left with seems like it SHOULD work, but it actually removed the thumbnails from both the single and the page.

    Based on the results it seems to me that my front page isn’t being recognized as a page. Does that make sense? Any thoughts?


    did you remove the is_single() part?
    IF you did you will have to undo it, if you want the post in single page and you cannot remove is_page().

    My suggestion would be not to touch the first part of the above instructions I gave and follow only the instructions on the first paragraph.

    Good luck ,

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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