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  • Plugin Contributor Harish Chouhan


    Hey Richard,

    Thanks for reaching out to us.

    We have multiple templates to display the download. In most templates to hide the download count, you will need to override our templates.

    If you just want to display a list of downloads, then you can go to “Downloads > Settings” menu and from the “Default template” option, select “Titles – Show download titles only”.

    I hope that answers your query. Let us know if you have any further questions.

    ok thanks.

    is tthere a way to create a very simple button please? I had a quick look at the net, this came up – but there doesnt seem to be any Configuration set up anymore? Thank you


    I had a go at edited “content-download-filename.php” in the plugin; i removed one line of code, that removed the count number. If i just copy the content-download-filename.php to content-download-only.php for another name through FTP; keep that as the custome template, when i next update your plugin, will it override the content-download-only.php? Is that possible? Thank you

    Plugin Contributor Harish Chouhan


    Hey Richard,

    I’m glad you figured this out.

    Since you have changed the name of this custom template, you will need to move it inside your child or parent theme folder within a “download-monitor” subfolder.

    Doing this will ensure plugin updates does not delete your custom template.

    Thank you Harish.

    Ok i tried the

    Custom Template –

    Leaving this blank will use the default content-download.php template file. If you enter, for example, button, the content-download-button.php template will be used instead. You can add custom templates inside your theme folder

    But the URL will not work? This is the only way i can link the template correct outside of your plugin? thank you

    not quite…

    assuming your theme is “MyTheme” the custom template needs to go into

    Note that it goes INSIDE your actuive theme, and that the download-monitor foldeer should be all lower case.

    Then, when you call it in the shortcode, it’s just template=filename the content-download part is inserted by DLM.

    Thanks rboatright, yes i see. But, my theme is constantly updated – this would wipe it the new /download-monitor/content-download-filename.php there at a later date? or would it leave the folder there? Im assuming it would delete the file though……

    Plugin Contributor Harish Chouhan


    Hey Richard,

    In that case, I would suggest creating a child theme, this ensures you can update your themes and plugins without losing your custom changes.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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